Procurement Services

Our main services include:

  • Outsourcing procurement contracting (short, medium or long term)
  • Interim procurement support (all areas)
  • Strategic procurement contract management (managing specific contracts/projects, large and/or highly complex)
  • Group procurement strategies and implementation
  • Organisational & operational performance maximisation (driving value through streamlining procurement operations & processes)
  • Strategic board level advice for business transformation, maximising value within an established business plan

As part of the above, we include aspects of the following:

Procurement Strategy

Developing a procurement strategy and/or assessing client’s current procurement strategy and how that adheres to the business plan. Advise changes to maximise performance accordingly.


Assess client’s processes to ascertain if they support the procurement function, strategy, and team. Streamline where appropriate.

Strategic Contract Reviews

Review contracts from a commercial perspective – pre or post signature – and advise on terms including potential risk, payment terms, opportunities, and re-negotiation options.

Strategic Contract Management

Assess level of effective contract management resources within the organisation and advise/recommend opportunities for effective contract management. Providing strategic interim contract management support if required.

Supplier Relationship Management

Assess current SRM capabilities and develop an SRM programme to ensure positive supplier partnerships are managed effectively to maximise return on investment.

Stakeholder Relationship Management

Assess current stakeholder relationship management to explore how current procurement resource engages with stakeholders and are perceived. Develop a plan to enhance relationships both internally and externally.


Advise on current and potential sourcing tools required for the organisation. Assess spend data in terms of accuracy and suitability. Assess current category management and if strategy aligns with the procurement strategy and long-term business plan. Review current terms and conditions of purchase.

Procurement Policy

Review and develop the client’s procurement policy and check that it is aligned to the procurement strategy and business operational plan. Ensure that it is embedded, understood and complied to within the organisation.

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