Case Studies

We have worked for SMEs’, groups of companies and big brands in many sectors including manufacturing, engineering, defence engineering, venture capitalists and global retail.

The following are a few examples of the work undertaken:

Wellman Group

We provided a complete re-engineering of The Wellman Group’s procurement operations through our Procurement and Supply Strategy Development programme. We developed and implemented procurement and supply strategies aimed at maximising profit, adding value and promoting best practice throughout the Group. Areas specifically highlighted included streamlining the procurement function, redevelopment of Supply Chain Management, providing training on international procurement, maximising e-commerce procurement and the implementation of Group Procurement Supply Agreements for specific commodities.

The results achieved included:

  • Revised and streamlined procurement processes with best practice adopted throughout all 8 companies within the group
  • Improved stakeholder engagement and revised working practices
  • Reduced supplier base to increase procurement power and maximise cost savings
  • SCM – implementation of a structured supply chain management strategy
  • SRM – Key strategic partnerships established promoting better supplier relationships
  • Procurement function recognized for its effectiveness within the organisation
  • GPA – Group procurement agreements implemented to maximise cost savings for commodities with commonality across the group of SMEs
  • Reduction in overall manufacturing costs resulting in lower costs and increased customer orders

Alchemy Partners

We undertook a tender process for Alchemy and their large portfolio of 29 companies who required a new and cost-effective mobile telecommunications service. Utilising the combined procurement power of this group of businesses we achieved a 25% cost saving and developed the group procurement initiative that then continued to achieve cost saving solutions for many other commodities with commonality across the portfolio.

Wellman Robey

We undertook a procurement initiative to reduce the manufacturing costs of the thermal products division through reviewing their welding processes. We reviewed current welding operations and suppliers. We then launched a tender process and secured cost savings of 36% with a new contract for the combined supply of all welding consumables and industrial gas requirements.

A mix on site system, consignment stock, consolidated invoicing and a rebate scheme formed a winning strategic sourcing exercise to gain maximum value and reduce internal and external costs.

Specsavers Pty Ltd – Australia

A media agency pitch was required for the business in Melbourne to select an agency that would provide best brand fit with a cost-effective media advertisement service. The pitch process and tender were headed up by Jon who has extensive marketing procurement experience. Following a rigorous pitch process with very tight timelines, a new agency was appointed, ticking all boxes for media strategy and services. Through a highly focused contract negotiation, a competitive fee structure with cost transparency terms was agreed along with an initial cost saving of 12% against market rates. Subsequently, the agency helped increase market share for optical and audiological services in Australia.

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